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The Field hosts a variety of guest instructors from across the US for agility seminars.  Past seminar instructors have included:

- Lori Michaels (FCI and WAO World Team Member)                

- Stacy Bols (IFCS World Team Member)

- John Nys (FCI and WAO World Team Member)

- Sarah Baker (EO Team Member)

- Desiree Snelleman (EO, FCI, and IFCS World Team Member)

The following seminars are scheduled at The Field for 2017.  For more info, contact Kate at

January 27-29 - Tracy Sklenar

Friday, 1/27 - Novice (AM), Puppy (PM)

Saturday, 1/28 - Mastering the Course

Sunday, 1/29 - Maximize Your Mini

March 10-12 - Lori Michaels

Friday, 3/10 - Novice/Open

Saturday, 3/11 - Masters

Sunday, 3/11 - Masters

June 9-11 - Sarah Baker

Topics & Levels TBD


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